3 Ways to Boost Client Satisfaction with Your Law Office

3 Ways to Boost Client Satisfaction with Your Law Office

Customers are the most important resource for any business, and whether you’re trying to attract new customers or retain existing ones, they need to be convinced that your business cares about them and their needs. If you’re running a law firm, the impression you leave on prospective clients is paramount to your success, and you need to maintain high client satisfaction to stay in business. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately if you’re striving to be different, law offices often fail with customer service.

Legal professionals are experts who have knowledge that’s in high demand, and that used to be enough power to keep them from having to worry about providing a great customer experience. In the digital world, however, customers are used to immediate service, and they’re accustomed to being able to contact customer support via digital methods. Attorneys who don’t embrace digital transformation in the near future will likely find themselves left behind in favor of law offices with foresight who did. Here are just a few important ways that you can offer better experiences and boost client satisfaction with your firm.

1. Hire Call Center Agents Who Employ Active Listening and Empathy.

If your firm doesn’t have a dedicated contact center providing customer support, that’s something you should take care of immediately. The first contact can be everything, and prospective clients expect the phones to be answered by professional agents who understand their predicaments. Let’s say you’re a personal injury attorney New Orleans, for example. You help accident victims with all sorts of circumstances like suffering serious injuries in car accidents, suffering work-related injuries due to employer negligence, and even becoming victims of medical malpractice.

These people understandably want to seek fair compensation for their suffering and medical bills. They need to hear a live agent who takes their concerns seriously and who can put them in contact with you as soon as possible. The last thing they need is to be left waiting or to be forced to leave a voicemail.

Establishing that your firm puts clients’ needs first from the start will go a long way toward building a trusting attorney-client relationship with each client. Whether you need to file a lawsuit against a responsible party or pursue an insurance company to get them to pay a fair accident claim, your clients need to know from the start that you’ll do anything in your power to help them.

2. Provide Frequent Updates to Clients.

Few things can make a client more nervous than not hearing from their lawyer for an extended amount of time. You need to demonstrate that each client is important to you by keeping them updated on events with their case. If you’re a large firm, you can make this much easier with auto dialer software.

An auto dialer can make outbound calls to any amount of phone numbers efficiently and with a variety of options, including predictive dialing and progressive dialing. This makes it easier than ever to update clients with new court dates, developments in their case, or even to offer them good wishes when they have positive changes in life.

3. Embrace The Latest Technology.

Embrace The Latest Technology

In order to really provide the best customer experiences, you’ll need to make sure your call center is equipped with reliable CRM software. Client relationship management (CRM) systems make it easy for a personal injury lawyer or any kind of attorney, to store and access client information in one location and reach out to them when necessary.

CRM also helps boost agent productivity by giving them a dashboard to track client conversations across all communications channels (voice calls, text messages, SMS, webchat, etc.). CRM integrations also make it easy to send anonymous customer demographics with the sales team, so they can pursue leads more efficiently.

With the right technology and employees in your legal call center, you’ll make a better impression on clients than ever before. Offering a good customer journey can be the deciding factor between you and another law firm.