Free Taxi Trips to Vaccine Appointments for Elderly

Free Taxi Trips to Vaccine Appointments for Elderly

The vaccine rollout across Ireland has seen many pensioners called in for their jabs. Vulnerable, elderly  people rely on public transport a lot of the time, when this taxi driver volunteered to bring elderly to vaccine appointments at his own cost.

Paul Ryan, a taxi driver from Greystones, is all too aware that many older people are very cautious about riding on public transport whilst the pandemic is still in action. As a result he has offered a much safer alternative for them to make their appointments.

Helping Those in Need

The kind taxi driver posted his good deed on Facebook, in which he reassured passengers that he has always followed the latest public health and safety guidelines and his taxi is fitted out with protective screens.

He went on to say, “These are incredibly hard times, and I would be happy to offer FREE Taxi rides to and from your local vaccination centres for any of our locals over the age of 85, who are struggling to get transport, please call in advance to ensure availability.

“My taxi is fully sanitised on a regular basis, totally fitted out with quality protective screens and I follow all prescribed health and safety guidelines. If you know of anyone who needs my service.”

Other Taxi Services Following Suit

Since Mr. Ryan started volunteering to drive 85+ passengers to their vaccine appointments free of charge, other taxi services throughout Ireland have also joined in on the good deed.

Passengers can claim back upto €20 for two trips to or from their vaccination centre.

Currently, almost 500,000 people in Ireland have had their first COVID jab, while nearly 200,000 have received their second.

Ireland’s Hopes for an Easing of Restrictions

On Wednesday, Mr. Leo Varadkar gave an update on Ireland’s restrictions, stating that the easing of lockdown measures will depend on a number of factors.

Giving hope that that the current 5km nationwide non-essential travel limit may be extended, construction may be allowed to start up again, and more outdoor activities may well return, Varadkar spoke to Dublin’s Q102:

“The realistic date for making this critical decision will take effect on 5th April, so in the run-up to this date we will look at 4 things: how the vaccine programme is progressing, are there any variants we should be concerned about, is the pressure on hospitals being eased and are COVID-19 cases still stable or are they falling.”

“From 5th April, if all the data we have looks positive, we can be much more confident and will very much likely further ease restrictions.”

For now though, it puts a smile on my face knowing that the wonderfully kind gesture of a local taxi driver who volunteered to drive vulnerable, elderly people to their vaccine appointments free-of-charge is a real shining light in what has been a dark time for many of us.