What Church Marketing and Branding Looks Like in 2021

What Church Marketing and Branding Looks Like in 2021

Throughout the centuries, the idea of a church has drastically changed and adjusted. When Jesus first started preaching, He would speak to people on hillsides and in town squares. Traditional churchgoers would worship in lavish cathedrals in the 1600s. Now, in this day and age, the church has taken on a much more modern twist. While a church isn’t technically a business, it is still an organization that relies on marketing and branding to get people in the doors every Sunday. This is why your branding strategy for the church is more important than ever in the current climate.

During the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, many churches were forced to close their doors and move to entirely digital services. Now, as the world opens back up in 2021, you’re ready to start welcoming people back in person. As you work to build back your congregation, there are several marketing and branding tactics to try. From building new digital platforms to improving your services to creating online spaces for connection, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas of what these platforms will look like in 2021.

Start With Great, Interactive Church Services.

Before you can market something, you need to know you have a good product, to begin with. Building a great church service is so much more than just giving a pastor a Bible and letting them speak for an hour. You want to keep your congregants engaged with great visuals and awesome music. Go back to the basics and work on your presentation design.

Consider partnering with a presentation design agency to find better ways for your services to function. From infographics to interactive templates, there are ways you can be more engaging with your storytelling and improve your graphic design at the same time. This will help create better church services overall.

Create Graphic Designs And Digital Brands.

Your church brand says a lot about your organization and purpose in your community. Make sure you create a personalized graphic design and a true brand for your church. This may require hiring team members who know about reaching your target audience with specific files and illustrator tools.

You can try an Adobe Acrobat Pro free trial to see if these templates and visual storytelling capabilities will work for your church. Branding is the future of finding new congregants for your church so you want to be able to build something you truly believe in as you work to give the best experience in your church.

Promote On Social Media.

Social media is a terrific tool for all businesses and organizations, including your church. Through Instagram posts, Facebook events, and Twitter conversations, you can connect with new churchgoers every day. Share about your service times or even post snippets from your services online.

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This will help you market your church and even reach people throughout the world. One of the best tools that you have is your YouTube account where you can post full services and spread the word to all parts of the world, not just the people in your backyard.

Unify All Your Branding Throughout Your Organization.

Churches need to present a unified front. Whether that is in your overall messaging or the brand you’re creating, it’s important to keep your visual stories consistent across all entities. By unifying your branding and creating something unique to your church, you are stating your intentions and highlighting all the important pieces of your ministry. Whether you’re creating church bulletins, posting about your services online, or building a website for potential visitors, be sure everything comes from the same designs and messaging.

Focus On Message and Ministry.

A church is different from a company in a lot of ways. For one, you are sharing the Gospel and spreading the word of Christ rather than trying to sell a product. While marketing and branding are important for your church, it’s even more important to always remember what the true message is. Stick to promoting the word of God above everything. If you have to sacrifice branding tactics or marketing techniques to stick to your true message, do it. This will show you have integrity and help you stay on track with your ultimate mission and purpose.

Stay Open for True Community.

When you establish a brand, one of the main purposes is to create a connection with your community. Church is all about community and building meaningful relationships built on shared trust and passion. The future of branding for churches is all about open spaces and true communication. Make sure your DMs are always open and that your website includes contact forms. Invite people in with your graphic design and create presentations that show people they belong with your church. By creating that true feeling of community, you are doing the work of the church in more ways than one.